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Can Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Feature Anti-Humidity Protection?

Author: Simon Poulter

Pharmaceutical blister packaging is an extremely popular form of pill packaging – this market is growing rapidly, and is expected to reach $46.74 Billion in 2030 according to Reports and Data.1

Formulations within blister packaging can be susceptible to moisture damage, due to the foil lid-stock being permeable to humidity. Having a super-thin foil is convenient for the end-user, but it’s not good for the prevention of moisture ingress. Moisture damage can compromise the viability and the safety of pharmaceuticals, so a suitable solution is vital.

Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Solutions

The best protection for pills within pharmaceutical blister packaging is a barrier foil laminate. Barrier foils can protect your product from moisture, light, as well as other environmental factors, that can degrade the quality of your formulation. B-SURE™ Blister Foil Packaging offers an efficient solution for companies that require large amounts of barrier foil lid-stock.

“The best protection for pills within pharmaceutical blister packaging is a barrier foil laminate”

B-SURE™ Barrier Foil – Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging – Featuring Anti-Humidity Protection

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1: R. A. Data, “Blister packaging market size to reach USD 46.74 billion in 2030 due to rising demand for convenient and easy-to-use packaging products, says reports and data,” PR Newswire: press release distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing, 07-Apr-2022. [Online]. Available:
[Accessed: 31-Mar-2023]

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