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Molecular Sieve

Author: Saul Edwards

Molecular Sieve is a form of man-made aluminosilicate (also known as ‘Zeolite’). It is used to remove certain specific molecules from complex mixtures of other molecules. In performing this task, it “sieves out” the molecule that you require – hence these Zeolites are known as “Molecular Sieves”

Typically, Molecular Sieve comes in the form of a fine white powder, and a good example of this would be the popular 3A SUPERSIV Powder brand. In powder from, the molecular sieve is most commonly added to Polyurethane and Polyurea formulations, in order to remove water.

Molecular Sieve but can also be found in the form or a viscous white liquid called SUPERSIV Paste. This product tends to be a little bit more expensive than the powdered format, as it is a more processed material (being a mixture of Molecular Sieve Powder and Castor Oil). It is used as a convenience product by those chemists who do not have the equipment required to disperse fine powders into liquid formulas. In this liquid form, polymer producers can just pour the product into their formula, and it blends-in easily, with very little missing required.

Lastly, Molecular Sieve can also be found in a beaded format, where the powder is compacted together with a fine bentonite clay, so as to form off-white “beads”. These beads are not used within plastic polymers, but are instead used in conjunction with streams of gas mixtures. They are available in a number of size formats and crush strengths, depending on the pipework format into which they are required to fit. A popular brand of Molecular sieve bead is SUPERSIV Beads, and you can read more about this product here.

To receive a free sample of Molecular Sieve Powder click on the link here.
To receive a free sample of Molecular Sieve Paste click on the link here.
To receive a free sample of Molecular Sieve Beads click on the link here.

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