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Molecular Sieves 3A

Author: Saul Edwards

Molecular Sieve 3A is a form of zeolite powder or zeolite paste. It is termed “3A” because it has a pore size of just 3 Angstroms, which is very very small (and about three-millionths of the width of a human hair) …This microscopic pore size helps it in the task of very selectively absorbing water (and not much else) because only water, at 2.6 Angstroms wide, can fit into its adsorptive pores.

This type of chemical, more commonly known by its brand name 3A SUPERSIV Powder, is used preferentially in comparison to other Molecular Sieves variants such as 4A, due to the fact that it is more effective. Initially 4A Powder seems cheaper to use, because it has a lower cost per kilo, when buying the raw material. However, one typically needs to use more 4A Powder than 3A, and so 3A Zeolite Powder tends to work-out cheaper, when calculated on the basis of ‘a kilo of finished polyurethane formula’ or polyurea formula.

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