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Solvent Based PU Adhesives – Problems with bubbles ?

A common topic associated with the production of solvent-based PU Adhesives, is the issue of carbon dioxide bubbles, which can form within the polymer. These bubbles look unsightly, and they also lower the mechanical strength of the adhesive, because they act as a pathway of weakness within the cured glue. To solve this problem, manufacturers of solvent-based PU adhesives typically use a Zeolite Powder such as 3A SUPERSIV, to absorb the excess water that may be present in the Isocyanante, Polyol or filler components. Once the water has been removed, the remaining raw materials will react together, to create a bubble-free 2KPU adhesive. For those manufacturers who do not have the processing machinery required for the dispersion of fine powders into liquids, there is also a convenience product available called 3A SUPERSIV Paste. This is a pre-blended viscose liquid, that manufacturers can simply pour-in to their formulation. It is easy to handle, and it mixes into polymers very well. If you would like to know more about this paste, then please click here.
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