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The Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Author: Simon Poulter

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging

The packaging of pharmaceutical products must meet strict legislative guidelines. This is because they play a significant role in the protection of life-saving drugs, and medical treatments, that must be delivered into the patients’ hands in full working order. Pharma products come in many forms including: oral liquid, solid doses, powdered caplets, effervescent tablets, gels, plus nutritional supplements …and all of these formats can be sensitive to moisture damage.

It is also worth noting that Pharmaceutical packaging is divided into three main types: Primary Pharma Packaging, Secondary Pharma Packaging and Tertiary Pharma Packaging (for more information about these definitions, click here)

For more information about FDA-approved Silica Gel Packets, that are suitable for all Pharmaceutical Packaging, please click here

Medical Packaging

Medical Device packaging is similarly regulated, as the results produced by products such as Diagnostic Test Kits affect the clinician’s diagnosis, and thereafter the treatment pathway selected. Again, these devices need to be delivered into the patient’s hands (or to the clinician’s laboratory) in full working order, without any risk of damage from moisture or humidity.

For more information about Pharma-grade Foil Pouches suitable for the protection of Diagnostic Test Kits, please click on the link here

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Pharmaceutical Packaging

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