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B-SURE™ Barrier Foil – Moisture Barrier Bag – Best for Pharma Packaging

What’s the Best Moisture Barrier Bag for Pharma Packaging?

Author: Steve Winton

Moisture barrier bags (also known as foil pouches) are a specialised type of packaging used to protect the quality of pharmaceutical products from moisture and humidity. Their use is crucial, as they can prevent costly recalls and damage to your brand. For example; in 2012, it was reported that, 67% of drug shortages were due to quality issues in the US.1 These bags can also create a barrier against other environmental factors (such as light and oxygen) that can affect the quality and shelf-life of your pharmaceutical products.

Moisture Barrier Bag Components

Moisture barrier bags are made-up of several different components, that work together to create a barrier against moisture and other environmental factors. They are combined through a process called lamination; where two or more layers of material are joined together. These components include:

  1. Aluminium Foil: The aluminium foil layer is the primary component that provides a barrier against moisture. It prevents the ingress of water vapour and protects your product from the effects of humidity. This foil barrier also provides protection against oxygen and UV light.
  2. Polyethylene: Polyethylene is a plastic material that is used in the construction of moisture barrier bags. It is used as a barrier against liquid water, which can damage your pharmaceutical products. It also acts as a sealing layer on the inside of the foil. This allows the two sides of the pouch to be ‘welded’ together using heat and pressure.
  3. Barrier Films: Barrier films are made from materials such as OPP (Orientated Polypropylene). They assist in the lamination process, and they can also provide protection against structural damage. This is particularly useful when packing sharp or angular objects, as it prevents punctures to the moisture barrier bag.
  4. Print Layers: Print layers are used to print information such as your product’s name, expiry date, and batch number.

It’s worth noting that the composition and the structure of moisture barrier bags will vary, depending on your product’s requirements and on the external environment where your product will be used and/or stored. You can also add desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers into the moisture barrier bag, to further protect your products from in-pack humidity and oxidation.

“The structure of moisture barrier bags will vary, depending on your product’s requirements and the external environment where it will be used”

B-SURE™ Foil Laminate Structure

B-SURE™ Barrier Foil – Moisture Barrier Bag – Best for Pharma Packaging
B-SURE™ Barrier Foil Moisture Barrier Laminate Diagram

Moisture Barrier Bag Applications

Large moisture barrier bags are used to protect hygroscopic powders such as pharmaceutical precursor ingredients, which can adsorb moisture from the air, and lose their potency over time.

Use of these bags is not limited to work-in-progress powdersSmall moisture barrier bags can be used to protect finished pharma products, such as tablets and capsules. Inhalation products, such as dry powder inhalers also require moisture barrier bags to protect the powder within them from moisture and humidity (NB… if left unprotected, moisture can cause agglomeration and clogging of these devices).

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