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Which Industrial Desiccant Packs are Best for Pharma?

Author: Steve Winton

Industrial desiccant packs (drying agents) are of critical importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Moisture damage can be costly, because it causes degradation of product quality and effectiveness. Without proper protection, moisture can cause costly recalls and damage to your brand. It was shown in 2012 that over two thirds of pharmaceutical shortages were due to quality issues in the US.

Your best solution to this problem is to use industrial desiccant packs, which adsorb moisture, and protect your formulations from damage.

Which Desiccant Pack is Right for You?

The type of desiccant sachet that is best for you depends on the Relative Humidity (RH) that you need to maintain within your packaging, in order to keep your product safe. Relative Humidity is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air, compared to the maximum amount of moisture the air can hold at a particular temperature. It is expressed as a percentage.

SUPERDRYPAK™ bags are used where the manufacturer needs to reduce in-pack humidity to down 10-15% RH. In situations where more aggressive performance is required, (e.g. an environment with 0% RH) you should use Molecular Sieve Sachets.

“Without proper protection, moisture can cause costly recalls and damage to your brand”

Applications of Industrial Desiccant Packs in Pharma Packaging

·         Protecting tablets and capsules when stored in work-in-progress containers

·         Maintaining a dry environment within containers of hygroscopic powders, prior to them being used in a formulation

·         Preventing condensation forming inside pharmaceutical pill-bottles

Industrial Desiccants Team: Expert Advice

SUPERDRYPAK™ Desiccant Packs – Industrial Desiccant Packs – Best for Pharma
SUPERDRYPAK™ Desiccant Packs

When it comes to finding the right industrial desiccant packs for your needs, it’s important to work with a provider that offers advice, experience, and an affordable price. Baltimore Innovations offers every desiccant imaginable… so they have no incentive to promote one versus another – so you can rely on them for impartial advice. Added to which, their Desiccants Team has over 70 years of experience! Together with their industry leading prices, this makes for an unbeatable combination.

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