Bulk Silica Gels

Bulk Silica Gels are highly-porous, solid materials, used to remove humidity, and are therefore known as drying agent or “desiccant”.

We sell it in pre-bagged sachets (see SuperDryPak) and we also sell it in bulk quantities. The main use for the bulk format is to fill (or re-fill) desiccant towers, breathers, and dryers.

Our silica gel come in two main forms, Beaded or Granular. The main advantages of the beaded form is that it is cheaper, generates less dust, and creates less back-pressure in air-flow pipework. While the main advantage of the granular form is that it packs-down into a more compact format. Thus, it’s far better suited to applications where space is limited.

We offer Beaded and Granular gels in standard white (non-indicating) format. We also offer these gels in a three colour-change formats:

  • OG – Orange (when dry) …changes to Green (when saturated)
  • OC – Orange (when dry) …changes to Colourless (when saturated)
  • BP – Blue (when dry) …changes to Pink (when saturated)

TransformaGel is our brand name for OG-B gels, and they are commonly used in the Electricity Transmission; above all in the Distribution sector for the re-filling of Desiccant Breathers on Electricity Sub-Stations.

We supply Bulk Silica Gels in 25Kg lots – packed either in hermetically-sealed sacks, or rigid drums (with re-closable lids).

Benefits of Baltimore Innovations Bulk Silica Gels:

Easy to Use …because the colour-change process is very clear (see photo above)
Cost effective …drying solution for Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Trustworthy …our silica gels conform to British Standards (BS:2540) & (BS:7554)
Suits your application …being your goal to save money or deal with space limitation issues

For help with your desiccation requirements or any other problems that you have, please give us a call on +44 (0)1628 531900.
If you prefer email, then send your question to website@baltimoreinnovations.com and we will be very happy to help you…