Cargo Protection

ContainerRainStop is a blended desiccant bag for cargo protection, especially formulated for use in steel shipping-containers.

Above all, it protects cargo from moisture damage while it is in transit. Therefore, it prevents tin cans from going rusting and garments and cardboards from fungus growth. Also, it stops water-soluble labels from peeling-off.

We can provide these bags in 500 gram size for easy placement throughout shipping containers and also 1500 gram bags with tie strings, for customers who prefer to hang the product from container hooks.

Benefits of ContainerRainStop Cargo Protection Bags:

Quality …we are an ISO:9001 accredited company, so you are assured of world-class products
Low-Cost …because our ContainerRainStop is the lowest-cost cargo protector on the market
Proven …because we already supply many shipping companies.
Powerful … because it absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture
Safe for disposal …therefore, as a regular waste, it’s entirely environmentally friendly

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