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In addition to our consultancy services and desiccant products, we now offer Contract Packing Service. The service suits those companies who need to out-source production or don’t have the ability to pack products cleanly. Baltimore Innovations have built long-standing partnerships in the UK and Europe in Medical, Industrial, Machinery and Packaging. 

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At Baltimore Innovations, we have been helping over the years many word-class medical companies. Therefore, we can guarantee a reliable and on time service. We have ten ISO 14644 Cleanrooms at our disposal.

Hence, we can package a wide variety of medical products, from simple wound-care dressings to Class III implants.

Our experienced staff can also advise you on product and pack design, prototyping, production tooling, validation work, product assembly, cleaning, sterilisation and CE marking. As a result of our expertise, your products can reach the market on time and within budget.

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Get access to our FREE Contract Packing Guidebook Online.Case Study

Baltimore Innovations – Product Expert – Matthew Valentine

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Benefits of:

Contract Packing

…as an ISO:9001 accredited company, using ISO:14644 clean-rooms, you’re guaranteed a high-quality service

…our sterilisation and ultrasound cleaning services offer 100% peace of mind.

…our staff have over 30 years’ experience in this field, so your product is in safe hands!

…we are already helping many world-class medical companies.

What Our Customers Say…

“Dear Saul! It has always been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks for your positivity!”
- E. Ostraukhova, Slovakia
“Baltimore is by far the best supplier we have for customer service,  and I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone!”
- J. Dawson, UK
“Courtesy and efficiency of the staff, prompt reply, exhaustive answers...”
- F. Cantoni, Italy
“Prompt response, assisting on time with delivery of goods, professional service...”
- A. Salman, UK
“Good customer service.
Good products off the shelf and speedy delivery...”
- J. Dunbar, UK
“When we send an email, we get a quick reply. We feel that Baltimore are genuinely interested in solving all quality issues we might ask about...”
- A. Bjune, Norway

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PRONTOPACKER™ – desiccant dispenser machine – Baltimore Innovations

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