Desiccant Calculator – SuperDrySim

Desiccant Calculator, SuperDrySim 3D Computer Modelling

Our Desiccant Calculator, SuperDrySim is a new form of high-tech modelling software. Most noteworthy, it is available exclusively to Baltimore Innovations customers.

We designed it to help our customer reduce the time spent assessing product’s shelf-life via old-fashioned and time-consuming stability trials. Therefore, it reduces your costs of laboratory facilities and staff.

Our R&D Team developed this software after many years of experience advising customers with similar problems. Above all, it is applicable to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Defence sectors. We have innovated and launched this disruptive technology into the marketplace, because we are convinced that there is a quicker and more intelligent way to get moisture sensitive products to market.

Many industries nowadays uses Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). However, the application of these techniques to desiccant and packaging systems has been neglected. Therefore, Baltimore Innovations introduced a model which can be applied to any desiccant-based packaging system.

Companies might often lack in-house packaging expertise. As a result, they might need our support to lower packaging costs by eliminating excess desiccant usage. Furthermore, they can improve shelf-life and performance regardless of the environment and climatic conditions by better desiccant/pouch selection and placement.
Also, companies can reduce packaging bulk volume and weight to lower packing and transport costs.

We live in the 21st Century, so let’s use 21st Century Technology to solve stubborn age-old problems…


Desiccant Calculator SuperDrySim allows customers to

Reduce the number of stability trials required …therefore decrease the costs of laboratory facilities and staff
Shorten the time for shelf-life assessment …therefore speed-up the time to get your product to market
Optimise your current packaging … for cost savings

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