Desiccant Canisters

SUPERDRYPAK™ Desiccant Canisters absorb humidity and prevent moisture-damage to your product. These rigid desiccant canisters are ideal for high-speed automated lines, where the continuous and rapid filling of containers is a priority.

Desiccant Canisters fit well into standard insertion equipment, therefore companies can easily include them for bottling lines or other pharma products.
It is possible to fill these items with white silica gel [British Standard BS:2540] in plastic cylinder. They meets both FDA and EU requirements for food contact and pharmacopeia. They are also 100% label free.

These products are virtually non-dusting and so they eliminate any kind of product contamination. Furthermore, they can resist pressure and sterilization. Finally, their design ensure ease of use.

SUPERDRYPAK™ Canisters start at just 0.5g in mass and extend to a wide range of sizes. Standard canisters use indicating silica gels for their filling, which change colour. They indicate when the gel is saturated. Therefore, these items suit well the packing of long shelf-life items, where an indication of packed-product’s continued usability is required.

For even more highly-tailored solutions, SUPERDRYPAK™ Canisters filling can vary from activated carbon (for odour prevention), to molecular sieve beads (for more aggressive desiccation).


Benefits of SUPERDRYPAK™ Desiccant Canisters:

Fit well into standard insertion equipment …therefore they are suitable for highly-automated, high-speed processing.
Low-Cost …we offer the lowest cost pharma-grade canister on the market today
ISO Quality we are an ISO:9001 accredited company, so you are assured of world-class products
Proven solution …we are already helping many word-class medical companies, so you are in safe hands

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