Here at Baltimore Innovations we are experts in Humidity and Moisture Control. We have over 70-years combined industry expertise. Desiccants are designed to dry out a region, aiming to reduce relative humidity. To maintain your products’ shelf life stability, it’s essential to maintain relative humidity at a required level. Determining the specific amount of desiccant is key to adsorbing sufficient moisture to ensure your product stays in optimum working condition.

Dr Mark Valentine, our R&D Director, offers free consultancy (worth £500) on best desiccant selection to optimise packaging and prevent moisture damage to your products. Dr Valentine uses scientific analysis and simulation software to ensure your products’ shelf life stability. We take into account the type of desiccant, atmospheric conditions (adsorption capacity is reduced in a drier environment), the size and format of packaging.

Our desiccants are available in sachets, canisters, films, plastics and vials. Our Desiccant Dispenser inserts desiccants into automated production lines.

We recommend using indicating silica gel if you need to know when your desiccant has stopped working. Indicating silica gel desiccant (which changes colour as it becomes less active) is used in desiccant breathers, for products which are sensitive to humidity or for detecting a leak. In less humidity sensitive environments, companies may not want the desiccant to change colour until it is nearly spent.

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