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Break-Even Point Calculator

Determine when to get a Desiccant Dispenser machine.

Baltimore’s PRONTOPACKER™ can automate the insertion of desiccant sachets into your production across a variety of lines, including pick and place onto a foil flow wrapper line or into bottles. However, when considering investing in automation machinery, it is important to determine that this is the right decision for your production requirements.

To do this you must consider your speed and volume of production overall, and what you wish it to be going forward also. This tool will then compare the initial outlay cost of the desiccant dispenser (and also the very low maintenance costs) to the cost of manually packing the desiccant by hand. It will then compute how much money would be saved by switching to an automated dispenser and the time taken to recoup the outlay cost, after which you would naturally continue to enjoy the profit of your improved production.

Typically, if you have a relatively low rate of production then a dispenser might not be the right choice for you, but if you have, or wish to achieve, a relatively high rate of production, then it becomes essential.