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Absorbent Food Trays

FreshWell® Absorbent Food Trays extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits by absorbing the excess fluid that they release after slicing.

In doing so, they can double the shelf-life of your fresh-cut produce.

They are especially valuable to processors of high water-content fruit such as: tomatoes, melons and pineapples.

FRESHWELL – Absorbent Food Trays – Food packaging

FreshWell® pads, trays, pouches, and punnets do not dehydrate your fresh-cut produce. They merely absorb the excess liquid that is exuded from it. The removal of this fluid prevents dissolution of your produce’s tissue (e.g. it prevents fruit from turning into a semi-solid mess), it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and moulds, which are other important factors limiting shelf-life.

In addition to the economic benefits of increased shelf-life, FreshWell® absorbents also prolong the visual appeal of the produce, by minimising discolouration. The bacterial inhibition also prolongs your products taste and texture.

So, it’s a very effective product… and is trusted by some of the world’s most famous Quick-Service Restaurants brands.

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Benefits of:


Absorbent Food Trays

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

High Standards …these items are manufactured in a BRC Accredited facility, ensuring world-class products.

Proven …these trays have been used in world-famous Quick-Service Restaurants outlets for over 15 years.

Safe …unlike other products, these absorbents meets EU food contact legislation No 10/2011.

Complete System …these absorbent trays are designed to work brilliantly with our Slicing Machines

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Absorbent Food Trays

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