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Tomato Slicer Machines

In addtion to our range of with our FreshWell® absorbents trays (see further details here), we also supply a range of Fresh-Produce Slicing-Machine, such as our MCT Tomato & Onion Slicers.

These units offer processors a range of solutions; that are appropriate for the size of their business, as well massive improvements in yield, and therefore the world’s lowest labour cost per kilo of final produce.

FRESHWELL® – Tomato Slicer Machines – Grey Tomato Slicing Machine


MCT-25 Double Row …this machine provides high-quality and high-output slicing. Hence, it will slice up to 6 large tomatoes, remove the unwanted end pieces, and will place 36 slices into a tray (at an output of 24 trays per minute) giving an average yield of 1350Kg of tomatoes per hour. This machine is usually supplied with a tray de-nester to automatically place the slices directly into your tray; Also, it has a ‘take-away conveyor’ to automate the removal of the unwanted end pieces from the tomato. You can also watch the machine in this video.

MCT-50 …this machine is similar to the MCT-25 Double Row but is for customers who want to pack produce in a much larger tray. It’s designed to place 126 slices into each tray, to automatically remove the end pieces, and operates at a processing speed of 4 cycles per minute: giving an average yield of 600Kg of tomatoes per hour. To see a video of this machine, please click here.

MCT-10 …this machine is similar to the MCT-50, but is a hand-operated version; which is ideal for SME companies, who do not need large capacity systems. It has a yield of approximately 150Kg of tomatoes per hour. To see a video of this machine working, please click here.


MCT-Onion Slicer …this is the most efficient onion slicing system in the World, designed for fresh-cut processors who demand exceptional quality and capacity. It’s designed to slice 6 onions per cycle, to remove the end pieces, and to place 36 slices into a tray at an output in excess of 10 trays per minute. It has a yield of approximately 700Kg of onions per hour. To see a video of this machine working, please click here.

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Benefits of:


Tomato Slicer Machines

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Cost Saving …typically these machines pay for themselves in just 6 months, then generate a profit.

Proven …we already supply these machines to many well-known food processors world-wide.

Tailored …works with our range of FreshWell® absorbents, guaranteeing great quality.

Increased Yield …due to the unrivalled sharpness of cut, your yield will increase.

Decreased Labour-Costs …our pick and place conveyor reduces the need for labour to run production.

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