High-Speed Packaging Innovation from Baltimore

Baltimore Innovations will be showcasing one of their new PRONTOPACKERdesiccant dispensing machines at Pharmapack 2020. This machine has industry-leading specifications and has been developed over the past four years for high-speed production lines. It works with all major brands of flow-wrappers and is especially effective on bottling lines.

Visitors to Pharmapack will get the opportunity to see the PRONTOPACKERlive in-action on stand D42. This new unit is fully CE Marked. It cuts and then dispenses silica gel (or molecular sieve) sachets from a roll, and drops them into pharmaceutical bottles, or places the desiccant neatly onto diagnostic medical devices, as they are packaged into protective film pouches. For added product quality, the PRONTOPACKERis also available with a dry-box, which ensures that the roll of desiccant sachets is kept in optimal conditions; between production shifts, or during longer weekend shut-downs.

“This new PRONTOPACKER™ machine takes current industry standards to the next level, and we are so confident of its performance, that we guarantee problem-free operation backed-up by local servicing.” says Matthew Valentine, Managing Director, Baltimore Innovations.

In addition to this, Baltimore have also announced a new series of Consultant Services options, which are designed to help SME companies with their packaging trials, and which reduce the time taken to get new products to market. These services help clients to evaluate the appropriate packaging solutions for their product, and can enable them to make massive savings on validations costs.

The major advantage of our Consultations Services is that they’re underpinned by SUPERDRYSIM™ 3-Dimensional Computer-Modelling, which has been developed by Dr. Valentine of Oxford University. It’s exclusive to Baltimore Innovations, and is available nowhere else says Simon Poulter, Speciality Products Director, Baltimore Innovations.

For more information, you can visit the Baltimore team in Pharmapack Paris on the 5th and 6th February 2020 (Porte de Versailles – Stand D42), or you can contact: Simon Poulter, Isaac Rahman or Philippe Depois on +44-(0)1628-531-900. Alternatively, you can email them at: sales@baltimoreinnovations.co.uk