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Humidity Balancing Sachets

HUMI-BALANCE™ sachets are a new product from Baltimore. They are designed to maintain a specific Humidity within a package, rather than reducing it to zero. This new range of products has been created for items that need protection from moisture and protection from over-drying (e.g. gelatine capsules, that become brittle and vulnerable to cracking when overly dry). When humidity is too high, they adsorb moisture, and when it’s too low, they give-off moisture, so as to increase humidity.

HUMI-BALANCE™ – Humidity Balancing Sachets – diagram comparing the effect of humi-balance versus traditional solutions to humidity inside a 100 ml pouch

Benefits of:


Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Experience …our HUMI-BALANCE Team is led by Dr Mark Valentine, who completed his PhD at Oxford University – so you are in safe hands!

Convenience …by using SUPERDRYSIM™ software, we do all the hard work for you and we significantly reduce the need for stability trials, in order to validate these sachets.

Approachable …Unlike other suppliers, who typically have large ‘Minimum Order Quantities’, we are happy to deal with companies that have just two staff or two-thousand staff! Our philosophy is to be friendly and helpful to everyone…

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“Good customer service.
Good products off the shelf and speedy delivery...”
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“When we send an email, we get a quick reply. We feel that Baltimore are genuinely interested in solving all quality issues we might ask about...”
- A. Bjune, Norway

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Humidity Balancing Sachets

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