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Chilled Ice Sheets

ICE-WRAP® is a flexible ice-sheet that ensures perishable items remain chilled during shipment; Ice Wrap is ideal for: meats, fish, cheeses, cut flowers and drinks. Just hydrate and freeze, and they’re ready to go !

These sheets also thaw more slowly than ice, and by doing so, maintain a chilled environment for longer. They also retain its water, even when completely thawed, so you never get product delivered to your customer …in a pool of water ! 

ICE-WRAP® – Chilled Ice Sheets – a open polystyrene box of raw salmon, kept cool with an ice pack wrapper

Benefits of:


Chilled Ice Sheets

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Low-Cost & Compact …one box is equivalent to a full pallet of hydrated gel packs.

No Leaks …unlike ice, it does not release water when thawed.

More Versatile …it’s malleable, so can be ‘wrapped around’ products for extra protection.

Safe …it’s made in a BRC accredited facility, so you’re assured of world-class products.

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Chilled Ice Sheets

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