Ice Wrap

Ice Wrap

Ice-Wrap® is a flexible ice-sheet that ensures perishable items remain chilled during shipment; Ice Wrap is ideal for: meats, fish, cheeses, cut flowers and drinks, and is very easy to use – just hydrate a sheet of Ice-Wrap® and freeze before use – it’s that simple!

Ice-Wrap® thaws more slowly than ice, and in doing so, maintains a chilled environment for longer. It retains its water even when completely thawed, so avoids situations where your product arrives at your customer’s location in a pool of water. Furthermore, unlike gel-packs, Ice-Wrap® can be bespoke-printed with your own-label branding. As a result of all of these factors, it is now exceedingly popular with food service companies…

Note – For larger companies, with many different pack sizes, Ice-Wrap® PERFORATED ROLLS offer total flexibility… Simply tear-off the number of cells that fit into your box.

We work with many of the world’s leading food companies – so come and work with us !


Benefits of Ice-Wrap® :

Low-Cost storage …it’s is ultra-compact: one box is the equivalent of a full pallet of hydrated gel packs
No leaks …unlike ice, it does not release water when thawed
Safe …it’s made in a BRC accredited facility, so you’re assured of world-class products
Flexibility …it’s malleable, so can be ‘wrapped around’ products for extra protection

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