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Baltimore Innovations Knowledge Base articles give you quick and concise answers to moisture related problems – and it’s all free !

Here you can find the latest articles on the science of moisture protection, and how we can help your business with a wide range of options.

They’re a great resource for manufacturers of Pharma, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Test Kits, and many other industries.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Articles

Pharmaceutical Packaging is subject to strict standards of moisture control, as it protects life-saving medications – So if you want to improve the shelf-life of your formulation, or if you need to protect your blister packs from humidity, just click on the relevant article below, to learn more…

SUPERSIV Zeolites for C.A.S.E. Products

SUPERSIV Zeolites are used by many manufacturers of Polyurethane, Polyurea, Modified Silane, and Polysulfide products, to solve moisture issues in their C.A.S.E.* formulations (*Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers).

Why are bubbles appearing in your 2KPU coatings, and how do you get rid of them?”, What’s the difference between Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve?” and “How can I control the cure rate in my Modified Silane adhesive?” Check-out the Baltimore Innovations Knowledge Base below, to keep your products safe from moisture damage…

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