Many businesses find that if desiccant sachets aren’t placed in the right place, they are less effective in removing moisture. Therefore their products’ shelf life and stability can be affected by humidity and perform inconsistently, generating more product returns.

With our 70-years’ combined industry experience, we have developed a turnkey solution which automates the correct placing of our desiccant sachets into your high-speed production lines – the ProntoPacker desiccant dispenser.

Thanks to Baltimore’s help, more desiccant sachets are accurately placed in medical companies packaging around the UK and Europe. All continuous strips are also checked post-manufacture for sachet abnormalities which can lead to unnecessary stoppages.

In addition, our fresh-produce slicers range offers food processors massive improvements in yield and the world’s lowest labour cost per kilo of final produce.
Also, our heat sealers are a reliable solution for sealing foil pouches consistently.

Baltimore Innovations manages the installation of equipment like the ProntoPacker using timelines and GANTT charts, to minimise the impact on your company’s productivity.
Our Chartered Engineer, Mario Ferri, will discuss your machinery project operational requirements and tailor equipment to agreed parameters. He will work along with your engineers, deploying his project management skills, and overcome language barriers to successfully install the equipment – on time and within budget.


Benefits of using Baltimore Innovations expertise for your machinery projects:

Experience …with 70-years’ combined industry experience we are the “Moisture Master”
Effective tech support …within 24 hours and very responsive intervention to fix issues
Cost-effective solutions …to increase production line output or decrease cost
Trouble-free operation …as high reliability and positive verification systems avoids unnecessary stoppages
Full range of solutions …thanks to our partners’ machinery range

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