Molecular Sieve Powder

SuperSiv® POWDER is a micronized form of zeolite molecular sieve, and is used for the removal of water from within polymers – most typically from within 2-component Polyurethane formulations. It is also widely used for moisture scavenging in polyurea systems and zinc-rich paints.

By removing water from your polymer system, SuperSiv® prevents the formation of CO2 gas bubbles – and this improves surface finish and structural strength of your final product.

We always recommend 3A SuperSiv® POWDER for these applications, but we can also supply 4A SuperSiv® POWDER, if this grade is your personal preference.

[Note: For ultra-easy dispersion, we also supply SuperSiv® POWDER in pre-blended in a paste form. For more information on this product, click here ]

We already work with the biggest Polymer Companies in the world – so come and work with us !

Benefits of SuperSiv® POWDER:

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
High-Performance …very often you can use less of our product, compared to other zeolite powders
Proven …it has been used by the world’s largest Polymer Companies for many years
Brilliant Support …we are well-known for giving rapid and expert product-support to chemists

We have a great range of choices for our Molecular Sieve Powder, so can satisfy all your needs: 3A powder, 4A powder, 10A powder or pre-blended paste format.

Industry sectors using Supersiv molecular sieve paste and powder

Medical Molecular sieve ensures shelf life stability of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.
Resins Removes water from 2K polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. It also prevents carbon dioxide bubbles forming, off-gassing and improves surface finish in paint production.

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