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A Visit To The Flooring Show 2023 At Harrogate

September 28, 2023

Visiting the show was a great experience and it was nice to meet customers in real-life after having only ever spoken on the phone. Compared to the pandemic-inspired trend for video calls, meeting face-to-face is very underappreciated form of contact. The Flooring Show gives you the opportunity to step-away from a constant stream of emails, and to have meaningful conversations with new/existing customers and suppliers. It also allows innovative ideas to be developed and discussed.

This year, the exhibit hosted 250 companies, promoting various products from around the globe, including; carpets, laminates, wood, artificial grass, adhesives, vinyls, underlays, cork, led floor lights, and even 3D modelling software that can show you what your floor could look like with a specific design. There were numerous demonstrations and an amusing floor-tiling competition for suppliers to showcase their skill. According to the organisers there were 3,000 visitors this year which was roughly the same numbers as 2022, with Day-2 being a lot busier than the first and the last.

One of the biggest talking points amongst exhibitors was the EU green initiative legislation that will take affect in the near future. To this end, there’s a noticeable push towards the recycling of different types of flooring, and there are now a few companies who have started to use recycled materials in order to produce carpets etc.

Many 2KPU adhesive and elastomer manufacturers are going to comply with the new EU legislation by training their staff to the required levels, for safe-handling of MDI and TDI. For these customers, the ideal moisture scavenger remains 3A SUPERSIV Powder, as it prevents CO2 being generated and unsightly bubbles from forming.

For those customers who are considering a move away from 2KPU systems, there are a number of Modified Siliane and Poly-Sulphide alternatives, and here we are able to help formulators stabilise and adjust their pot-life, via the use of our new innovation called: HYD Powder. This powder is a water-release agent, that delivers a precise amount of water into the system over time, and is now used by several well-known EU Modified Silane producers.

In summary, I would certainly recommend going to The Flooring Show next year – it’s a fantastic way to meet people in a more relaxed setting and to get a broader understanding of what is happening in the industry. It gives you an insight into new technologies and innovations that are currently being discussed, and gives you the opportunity to be a part of these exciting new developments!

Ricardo Cremonini, 26 Sept 2023

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