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Baltimore Innovations Attends Medica 2021: World Forum for Medicine

December 2, 2021

Baltimore Innovations attended Medica 2021, the world’s largest trade fair for the medical sector, held on 15-18 November, in Dusseldorf, Germany.   

Philippe Depois, Global Sales Director, has 20+ years of experience and Matthew Valentine, Managing Director, offers solutions to customers in the food and healthcare sectors.

Our experts brought a wide range of products to Medica 2021. The products on display included SUPERDRYPAK™ Silica Gel Sachets, B-SURE™ Barrier Foil Pouches, SUPERDRYSIM™ Desiccant Analysis Software and HUMI-BALANCE™ Humidity Balancing Sachets.

Visitors interested in automated packaging lines were able to discuss how Baltimore’s new PRONTO-PACKER™ Desiccant Dispenser Machine is designed for high-speed production lines.

This year Baltimore Innovations also displayed desiccant dispenser machines, desiccant canisters and more.

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