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Our product and consultancy services improves productivity by 50% for large Multi-national

October 9, 2019

Baltimore provided consultancy services which helped identify the cause of the issues the client was facing, we then offered a bespoke solution. You could find out more about our services here

About the Client

A multi-national microbiology company, located in the South of England, serving healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and laboratories.

Client Needs

Our client initially approached us in 2016 to supply indicating silica gel sachets in a fan fold format which was dispensed into a machine. Clients were experiencing difficulties resulting in slow-down in productivity with their machine.

These issues were disrupting the flow through the dispenser of the machine. The product was getting twisted causing deformation and production to drop by 50% over the same manufacturing period.

Our Solution

We identified the issues that was causing disruptions and reduced rates of productivity and provided a solution to resolve the issues. We supplied the same product in a continuous strip on a roll to resolve the issues the client was facing. This eliminated stoppages that were being caused during the operation of the machine.

The Result

Baltimore successfully resolved the productivity issues that the client was facing, providing a solution that made them better off. We significantly reduced downtime and wastage caused by their previous format and enabled the packing cycle to increase in speed.

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