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Sukie Gets Started!

November 20, 2019
News for November:  Due to the increasing size of our business and the ever-growing number of companies and countries that we serve, Atsuko ‘Sukie’ Budgell has joined our fulfilment team, in the role of Finance Administrator. After having studied Business Management at Westminster University, Sukie worked in various administrative roles, in industries as diverse as; Oilfield Services, Aircraft Interior Design, and Architectural Lighting. Sukie will be responsible for the processing of customer orders, and the management of stock at our UK and EU sites
“This new role is eerily similar to my last job, which gave me a great sense of ownership with customer projects, but at Baltimore the vibe is just so different and so much more friendly. It’s a really nice change…” Sukie Budgell Sukie’s role here will improve efficiency within our growing fulfilment team, and it will further improve our well-regarded customer-service experience. Top 3 Sukie-Facts: – Sukie is fluent in both English and Japanese – Sukie is a Black Belt in Karate – Sukie has a passion for classic cars, and owns a vintage mini – but aspires to one day own a 1920s crank-starter, such as a Ford Model-T Welcome aboard Sukie!

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“Dear Saul! It has always been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks for your positivity!”
- E. Ostraukhova, Slovakia
“Baltimore is by far the best supplier we have for customer service,  and I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone!”
- J. Dawson, UK
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- F. Cantoni, Italy
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- A. Salman, UK
“Good customer service.
Good products off the shelf and speedy delivery...”
- J. Dunbar, UK
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- A. Bjune, Norway

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