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Source Internal Audit – Oct 2022

By removing oxygen from within the product’s sealed packaging, our Non-Reliant Oxygen Absorber sachets protect goods (such as pharmaceutical formulations and packaged foods) from spoilage, mould, colour-change, and odour issues. Non-Reliant Oxygen Absorbers (sometimes known as “self-activating”) do not rely on the presence of moisture within the package, in order to become activated. This ‘rapid readiness‘ makes them ideal for high-speed packing lines.

Baltimore Innovations – Oxygen Absorbers Non-Reliant Form – White Oxygen Absorber Sachets

Benefits of:


Non-Reliant Format

Assurance …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Safe …all of our oxygen absorbers are safe to use in food-contact and pharmaceutical processes.

Effective …our sachets create an oxygen-free environment with an oxygen concentration of 0.1% or less.

Quick …unlike reliant oxygen absorbers, these sachets activate as soon as you de-box them and pack them into your product.

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Oxygen Absorbers

Non Reliant Form

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