Desiccants and foil barrier pouches play a vital role in the protection of moisture-sensitive drugs and products. By removing water vapour from the air, the desiccant prevents undesirable reactions between the product and the water molecules.

Baltimore Innovations implements an innovative two-steps approach to Packaging Design. This reduces the ‘fudge factor’ or ‘guessing game’ inherent in current practices – helping pharma companies to develop optimised, ultra-reliable packaging solutions, whatever the environmental and climatic conditions.
Firstly, we test the product at various atmospheric conditions to build a moisture sensitivity picture. Thereafter, the datasets from experimentation are used to develop a sophisticated packaging ‘behaviour’ model. This is in the form of a set of differential equations that are flexible to accept all relevant variables, including size and type of package, storage conditions and type, size, and position of the desiccant. Our effort led to the proprietary SuperDrySymTM.
Baltimore Innovations also developed an equation to determine the volume of the pouch from its flat dimensions. This is important because the volume of the headspace determines the amount of initial moisture present. In addition to the volume, the precise shape of the pouch is desirable to determine what size of the product can fit inside.

Especially SME that often lack in-house packaging expertise can benefit from Baltimore Innovations innovative approach in Packaging Design. We can act to improve the technical efficiency of your packaging but also the aesthetic of it. Our model is also extremely flexible and allows considering situations where a product may be designed to perform satisfactorily while closed but may fail if repeatedly opened in a humid environment.

Benefits of using Baltimore Innovations packaging expertise:

Lower packaging costs …by eliminating excess desiccant usage
Improving shelf-life and performance …regardless of the environment and climatic conditions by better desiccant/pouch selection and placement
Lower packing and transport costs …reducing packaging bulk volume and weight

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