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Large Silica Gel Bags (For Industrial Packaging)

Large size Silica Gel Bags (25g to 500g) are widely used in the industrial packing sector, to protect water-based adhesives from dissolving (e.g. product labels), to protect ferrous metal items from rusting, and to protect electronic items from damage. They are also used in the manufacturing process; to protect micronized powders from clumping-together when stored within ‘work-in-progress’ drums. For silica gel bags smaller than 25g, that are often referred to as ‘Silica Gel Sachets’, then please click here.

Baltimore Innovations offers a range of medical packaging, healthcare packaging and protective packaging solutions to ensure that your products are protected from atmospheric humidity. If you’re unsure what packaging to use, or how much desiccant capacity you need, or even if you want to rationalise your current packaging, our world-leading R&D team are here to help!

SUPERDRYPAK™ – Silica Gel Bags (Industrial) – Mixed solutions of silica gel bags

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Silica Gel Bags

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SUPERDRYPAK™ – Silica Gel Bags (Industrial) – Mixed solutions of silica gel bags

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