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Silica Gel – Bulk Quantities

Bulk Silica Gels are highly-porous, solid materials, used to remove humidity, and are therefore known as drying agent or “desiccant”. Despite being referred to as a “gels” they are in-fact solid crystalline structures.

We sell Silica Gel in pre-bagged sachets (see here) and we also sell it in bulk quantities. 

The main use for the bulk format is to fill (or re-fill) desiccant towers, breathers, and dryers.

We offer Beaded (-B) and Granular (-G) gels as well as a Plain White (-PW) non-indicating format. Physical characteristics aside, our indicating silica gels in a three colour-change formats:

OG – Orange (when dry)   …changes to Green (when saturated)
OC – Orange (when dry)   …changes to Colourless (when saturated)
BP – Blue (when dry)        …changes to Pink (when saturated)

TRANSFORMAGEL™ …this is our OG-B silica gel, and is commonly used in the Electricity Transmission; above all in the Distribution sector for the re-filling of Desiccant Breathers on Electricity Sub-Stations. For more information about TRANSFORMAGEL™ please click here.

EUROGEL™ …this is our brand name for OC-G silica gel, and is are commonly used in the Railways Industry for the protection of compressed air systems. For more information about EUROGEL™ please click here.

We supply Bulk Silica Gels in 25Kg lots – packed either in hermetically-sealed sacks, or rigid drums (with re-closable lids).

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Need More Details to download our Product Guidebook

Benefits of:

Silica Gel (Bulk)

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Experience …our Desiccants Team has over 70 years’ experience dealing with silica gel – so you are speaking to the right people !

Impartial …we offer every single desiccant imaginable, and some patent-protected options that are unique just to us – So we can be relied-on for impartial advice; as we have no interest in promoting one desiccant product versus another.

Approachable …Unlike other suppliers, who typically have large ‘Minimum Order Quantities’, we are happy to deal with companies that have just two staff or two-thousand staff! Our philosophy is to be friendly and helpful to everyone…

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“Courtesy and efficiency of the staff, prompt reply, exhaustive answers...”
- F. Cantoni, Italy
“Prompt response, assisting on time with delivery of goods, professional service...”
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“When we send an email, we get a quick reply. We feel that Baltimore are genuinely interested in solving all quality issues we might ask about...”
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“Quick reply to (any) questions...”
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“People from Baltimore are very friendly with high customer service. Deliveries are always on-time”
- S. Voss, Germany

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Silica Gel – Bulk Quantities

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