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Activated Alumina Beads

SUPAALUMINA™ is a form of Activated Alumina bead. It fits into the middle ground of industrial desiccants, being more specifically focused on water than most Silica Gels, but less specific than Molecular Sieves.

In simple terms, the advantage of Activated Alumina is not in its total adsorptive capability, but instead from its ruggedness and the number of times that one can regenerate it, within Pressure Swing Apparatus.

SUPAALUMINA™ – Activated Alumina Beads – a pile of white granules

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Activated Alumina Beads

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Experience …our Industrial Desiccants team has over 50 years’ experience with drying agents – so we’re world-class experts !

Impartial Advice …SUPAALUMINA BEADS are just one product within our massive range of desiccants. Therefore, we can be relied-on for impartial advice (as we have no vested interest in promoting one desiccant technology relative to another).

Robust …SUPAALUMINA BEADS are ideal for de-hydrating liquids (such as oils and solvents), due to the fact that they are robust and do not degrade as easily as other desiccants.

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Activated Alumina Beads

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