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Continuous-Strip Sachets

SUPERDRYPAK Continuous-Strip sachets, can be filled with silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant and are designed for use on high-speed packing lines, in conjunction with our desiccant dispenser machines

We offer these reel-based sachets in a multitude of sizes from 0.25g to 5g, and with a number of different possible registration marks; that can integrate seamlessly with your current or proposed packaging line. 

SUPERDRYPAK™ – Continuous-Strip Sachets – a roll of desiccant sachets

Benefits of:


Continuous-Strip Sachets

Assurance …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Experience …our Foils has over 40 years’ experience dealing with reel-based desiccant sachets – so you are in safe hands!

Accuracy …when used with our PRONTO-PACKER Dispensing machines, you are guaranteed the very best sachet dispensing solution available on the market today.

Impartial …we offer every single desiccant technology available, and some that are unique just to us – So we can be relied-on to be impartial (as we have no interest in promoting one desiccant product versus another).

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Continuous-Strip Sachets

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