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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Beads

SUPERSIV BEADS are beige-coloured spheres, comprised of our own SUPERSIV Powder and a small quantity of bentonite clay; which is used to bind-together the powder into small beads.

These beads are primarily used within desiccant filters; to dry streams of gases and liquids. They’re used for the removal of Nitrogen from air, in order to create Oxygen-rich gas streams. They can also be used for the removal of odorous chemicals from natural gases.

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Molecular Sieve Beads

Assurance …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of high-quality products.

Experience ..our SUPERSIV® Team has over 40 years’ experience dealing with zeolite molecular sieves – so you are in safe hands !

Premium Quality …SUPERSIV® Beads are manufactured to the highest standard. As a result, the specification and performance of these beads is very much better than the vast majority of Zeolite Beads available on the market today.

Flexibility …Unlike other suppliers, who typically have large Minimum Order Quantities, we are happy to deal with customers who require 1Kg or 10,000Kg of material. Our philosophy is to be friendly and helpful to everyone…

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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Beads

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