Tank Vent Dryers

TransformaDry Desiccant Transformer Breathers

TransformaDry Tank Vent Dryers allow air to move from the atmosphere into a sealed space (such as a steel drum), whilst at the same time preventing moisture ingress into that sealed space.

These Tank Vent Dryers are widely used by manufacturers who, as part of their manufacturing process, need to drain solvents and/or oils from IBCs and steel drums, and who need to make sure that moist air is not sucked into the container during this process.

Our tank vent dryers use TG-3: a unique silica gel, which changes colour as it transitions from; Dry, to Damp, to Saturated.

We’ve developed this 3-step ‘Traffic-Light’ chemistry to remove the guesswork from setting breather replacement intervals, because unlike other gels (which have basic ‘on’ or ‘off’ colours), the mid-life point with TG-3 is clearly defined – and this gives you ample forewarning of when replacement is needed. It’s as simple as: Ready, Steady, Go !

We believe that TransformaDry TANK VENT DRYERS are the easiest-to-use product in the marketplace – why not try one today ?

Benefits of our TransformaDry Tank Vent Dryers:

Quality …as an ISO:9001 accredited company, you are assured of world-class products
Ultra-Clear …TG-3™ gel has a unique 3-step colour-change process, for total user clarity
Safe …environmentally friendly, and can be disposed of as general waste
Proven …it is already used numerous polymer and chemical manufacturers

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