For our customers in this sector, we help can help you in a number of different ways:

If you are a large-scale manufacturer of PUR, a producer of 2K PU adhesives or sealants, we can offer you large cost-savings via use of our SuperSiv® Zeolite powders, which are ideal for water removal, and which help to remove CO2 bubbles form your PU elastomers.

If you are a smaller-scale manufacturer of 2-Component Polyurethane, then we can help you with our SuperSiv® Zeolite paste, which is an easy-to-use pre-dispersed from of our SuperSiv® powder that’s mixed with virgin castor oil.

If you are a producer of metalised paints, such a zinc-rich marine coatings, and if you currently have problems with ‘off-gassing’ from your tins, then we can again guide you as to how to solve the problem, and how best to use SuperSiv® Powders to eliminate the problem.

Further more, if you manufacture any Polymer product and have problems protecting moisture-sensitive raw materials whilst in-use on the production floor, we can help – via use of our desiccant breathers …which will stop your problems instantly.

For assistance on these projects, or any other problems, please consult the A-Z product List to the left, or just give us a call on: +44 (0)1628 531900.

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