If you are involved in the Transmission and Distribution industry, we can offer you improved clarity and better protection for your electricity substations via the use of our innovatory new desiccant breathers. These give you a clear 3-stage colour transition enabling you to more accurately predict when the breather will become saturated. This then allows you to better schedule servicing visits to various sites.

If an addition to this, we also supply you with a range of colour-change silica gels in loose bulk-media format, which you can then use to refill your larger substation equipment.

If you work in the Oil and Gas industry and need to dry damp hydrocarbon gases which may have come from damp earth of subsea sources, then you might like to consider our range of Molecular Sieve Beads and Activated Alumina beads for use in drying beds or large gas drying columns.

In the emerging Bio-Fuel Sector, we can also help you overcome the difficulties associated with the distillation of bio-ethanol, where the formation of an azeotrope can prevent you from attaining the purity of fuel that you requireIf you manufacture Energy Sector Equipment and Energy Sector Supplies that are sensitive to moisture, then we can also offer you world-class advice when it comes to packing and transporting them, or help you to make them weather-proof and suitable for use in humid environments.

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